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If you have a website and would like to include a link to the BibelCenter, you are very welcome to do so. It would be best of you use the provided URL and the banners or button (with graphic links).

The safest link is a link to the "homepage"; the URL of other pages could change which would then lead to a broken link. The problem of broken links can be avoided if you always use the BibelCenter "homepage" as linked page.

Please use the following examples for Links to the BibelCenter homepage

  1. Text link


  2. Button link


  3. Banner link



The BibelCenter images for buttons and banner links should be placed on your website (use save image as ... to save a copy of the image to your computer, afterwards upload it to your website).

Please note: If you want to have the BibelCenter website open in a new browser window, you can set the value of the "target" attribute in the link tag to target="bibelcenter".