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BibelCenter History

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BibelCenter History


In the mid 1990ies, when the internet grew and was no longer used just by companies and organisations but more and more individuals privately utilized the internet and began to use it as an information source, the founder of the BibelCenter website made the decision to design and publish a private "Homepage" with Biblical contents. Since the internet was offering information on all kinds of themes and topics, one could at least try to make available information about the Bible and Christian topics on this new platform.

In 1996 the first drafts were made, the domain was registered and a small package of information was made available online. From the start, the information was offered in both German and English.


After the BibelCenter website initially - as had been expected - had only a small number of regular visitors, the number of visitors began to increase soon, so that the BibelCenter website already had several hundred visitors per day in the year 2002. This has remained and increased further and by now the BibelCenter website at times has more than 700 visitors per day.

In the course of several years, the BibelCenter website was regularly expanded with new studies articles, and different kinds of information. A "Kids Corner" was added in 2003, and it has many fans (cp. BibelCenter Kinderecke).

Already in 1998 a BibelCenter forum was added for exchange among visitors of the website about Biblical topics was added. At first it was run as an email based list, and from 2004 onward was changed over to use a web based forum software (cp. BibelCenter Forum).

Aims and goals

The BibelCenter website is regularly updated, both regarding design as well as contents, in particular since Biblical understanding may change and deepen over time.

A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) system is now part of the website. This part will slowly be expanded with frequent questions which visitors of the BibelCenter website have and with answers provided by the BibelCenter Editor (cp. BibelCenter FAQ).