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General information

The BibelCenter website started upon the private initiative of Wolfgang Schneider, it is edited and maintained by him. As the editor, he is responsible for the content and design of the BibelCenter website. Other Christians participate on a voluntary basis under his direction by contributing articles, studies, and assistance in collecting materials and helping with other needed work.

The BibelCenter website is a private website on which the owner and editor publishes online Biblical studies, study aids, etc. The BibelCenter is mainly aimed to reach Christians, but also people who are searching for a knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Bible. The contents of the BibelCenter is meant to provide help and assistance for visitors' own subsequent study and working of the Bible in order to gain a more accurate knowledge of the truths revealed in the Bible.

The main focus of the BibelCenter website are currently materials, studies and articles published by the BibelCenter editor. In addition, you find references to and works of other authors, as well as information about discussion forums, courses, etc. The forums provide possibilities for exchange among Christians from various Christian denominational backgrounds and churches about Biblical topics.

The BibelCenter is a website and active exclusively via the Internet. The domain and its associated domains and subdomains are hosted on a server in Germany. The responsibility for content and design rests with the founder and editor. The Contact page provides information on how you can reach and get in touch with the BibelCenter editor.