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The BibelCenter editor endeavors to design the BibelCenter website as much as possible according to the "Barrierefreie Informationstechnik Verordnung" (BITV vom 17.7.2002) and to meet its requirements. The BibelCenter website will therefore be updated at times to improve access without limitations.

An essential step in this endeavor is the design of the website according to official HTML and CSS standards, so that the pages should be displayed correctly on all recent browser versions. When using older browser versions (e.g. NS 4.x / IE 5.5) or browsers which deviate in part from these standards (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer), certain elements will perhaps not be displayed correctly; but the information should still remain fully accessible.


Links to external websites are marked with a  Externer Link  symbol. External links will open in browsers conforming to standards and with activated javascript in a new browser window or browser tab.

Plugins, external software

Javascript - for the correct functioning of some components of the website it is necessary that javascript be activated in your browser.

Flash player - for the display of certain elements on some pages a flash player or slash player plugin is needed (free download). With more recent browsers, such a plugin is usually already installed at the time when the browser is installed on a computer.

PDF Reader - some information is provided in PDF format as a file for dowbload. For the disply of such files a PDF reader, such as the Adobe Acrobat reader is required (free download).

MS Word - for display or printing of some files, it may be necessary that you are able to open and print MS Word documents (.doc format) on your computer.