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Hinweis des Editors

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Hinweis des Editors

Wolfgang Schneider

Almost twenty years ago I had the idea of making biblical studies, articles and information available via a website -- by God's grace the result has been the BibelCenter website. Even though until now the materials have mainly been my own studies and articles, there are articles of other authors as well and without the help of other Christians, the project could hardly be maintained. I am therefore expecially grateful to those who have supported and continue to support me in my endeavours with the BibelCenter website.

Our main concern for the website is to make known the Word of God that is revealed in the Bible, and to help other people to gain a knowledge of the truth revealed in the Bible. The studies, articles and other information is to be a help for the individual visitors so he/she can work the Bible on their own individually, and take responsibility for their decisions regarding it.

The studies and articles provide the current status of knowledge and insights of the authors, which does not mean that the published information must be absolutely correct, for the other authors as well as myself are also humans who are searching for the truth and who lack insight and knowledge and who may understand something incorrectly. We do our utmost to the best of our knowledge and conscience before God to publish those things which we regard at the time of publication to be accurate and the correct understanding and interpretation of the Scriptures.

The information offered is therefore not meant to be binding doctrine, it also is not meant to indict or condemn people who hold a different understanding. It is offered so that others can study it and reflect upon it and search the Scriptures and biblical topics on their own in order to then arrive at their own decision concerning that which they want to believe. These studies and arcticles should encourage one's own working of the material and they are to provide help for learning and study; this is the purpose of the information provided here.

I encourage and exhort each visitor of the BibelCenter website to not just take the provided information as "the gospel truth", but to search the scriptures whether those things indeed are so (cp. the example of the Bereans, Acts 17:11) and to prove all and hold fast to that which is good (cp. the instruction given to the Thessalonians, 1Th 5:21). We also should not forget to not lean unto our own understanding or someone else's own understanding but to acknowledge God in all our ways so that He may direct our paths (cp. Prov 3:5-6).

If you have any questions regarding the topics covered and the knowledge provided here, please write a with your question, your remarks and your insights into the respective topic. I will endeavour to reply to you shortly and to take your remarks into consideration in my further study of the Scriptures.

I pray that - with God's help - the reading of the studies, articles and information will benefit you, and that our website will be a blessing to you.

May God bless you.

Wolfgang Schneider
(BibelCenter editor)