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The BibelCenter library offers works about different aspects of Bible study and research of Biblical topics, especially works from authors of different epochs who are not directly associated with or linked to the BibelCenter.

The selection of works included in the library section of the BibelCenter website is at the discretion of the BibelCenter editor. Main argument for publication is that the content of a work, accoding to the judgment of the editor, be of interest to visitors of the BibelCenter website and offers helpful insights for personal Bible study and understanding of the Bible. The BibelCenter is concerned to only include works that can be helpful for further learning and growth of believers in a knowledge of the Bible.

There may be works which appear controversial to some readers. The BibelCenter is not about wanting to be "controversial", but to provide helpful materials to the visitors for their own further study of the Bible as the Holy Scriptures. This does include that one learns to read and evaluate very different works soberly and carefully, in order to learn from all and then to hold fast to that which is good and in harmony with the Bible.

The works included in the BibelCenter library may at times differ from the Biblical teaching represented by the editor (cp. Beliefs). Please note that each author, and not the BibelCenter, is responsible for the content of their works.