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The statement itself

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The statement itself

For a correct interpretation of a verse or statement in a book of the Bible – as really in any other literary work also – one must first take care that one reads the passage itself accurately; in other words, one must read what actually is written. All too often text is read inaccurately which almost inevitably leads to an incorrect interpretation and wrong understanding of the statement.

What is meant with reading inaccurately? Well, it happens that words are overlooked when reading, or perhaps the opposite happens, that words are read into the text which are not really there. It can happen that singular or plural of a term are mixed up, or that tenses are inaccurately read (e.g. "says" instead of "said").

Furthermore, it is important that one recognizes whether a statement gives the perspective of the author or writer or if the statement is part of direct or indirect speech of a different person. Depending on the situation, a statement may have an entirely different meaning and result in a different understanding.