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The section on "Bible study" contains interesting information, studies and articles, etc. regarding the Bible and various Biblical topics

You find important information about the interpretation of the Bible. There is a collection of articles to a number of different Biblical topics; information about differrent Bible versions (currrently, mostly about German Bibles), and information about the history of the Bible, its origin, writing, transmission of the text, canon, etc. Online Bibles offers information about online Bibles that are available on the Internet, and Biblesoftware provides information about different Biblesoftware and Librarysoftware that is helpful for Bible study.

On the Courses & seminars page, some details about a number of courses and seminars available via the BibelCenter website are given.

The Bible questions has a form which enables you to post your Bible related questions to the BibelCenter editor.

Pages of the BibelCenter website are regularly updated, expanded, and sometimes studies and articles are corrected and replaced. Please note the publishing date provided on each page. In case of deviations in understanding and interpretation of Bible passages, newer studies reflect the current status of what an author knows and believes and promotes as truth.

Please note:
Scripture passages in studies and articles are normally quoted from The King James Version. If a quotation is made from a different Bible version, it is explicitly mentioned.